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Hans-Peter Schmidt

Institut für Architektur und Raumentwicklung
Hans-Peter Schmidt is director of the Delinat-Institut for Ecology and Climate Farming in Valais (Switzerland). He studied Visual Communication and Philosophy in Hamburg; then years of travelling and working as journalist and translator followed. Since 2003, he occupied different teaching positions at Goethe-Institute in Brussels, College of St. Maurice and University Bern. After extended studies on the influence of Ecology for the cultural rise and fall of the Ancient Orient, he decided to explore the archaeology of experience and founded together with his wife the experimental wine garden Mythopia in Valais. In 2009, Mythopia became the research centre of the new founded Delinat Institute. With his institute he develops concepts for the remediation of agronomic ecosystems, the improvement of cityscapes through biodiversity and carbon sequestration. He works on the integration of renewable energy production into landscape and is consultant to the WWF for renewable energy and nutrient cycles. Rapidly, the Delinat Institute became one of the leading research centres for the use of biochar and is consultant to more than 100 European vineyards that follow its ecological guidelines and certification scheme. Hans-Peter Schmidt chairs the Biochar Science Network Switzerland and is Board Member of the European Biochar Foundation. He is editor of the Ithaka Journal for Ecology and Viticulture.
1992 — 1997

Studium Visuelle Kommunikation und Philosophie, Hamburg, Deutschland

seit 2009

Leiter des Delinat-Instituts für Ökologie und Klimafarming, Wallis, Schweiz

seit 2009

Herausgeber des Ithaka-Journals


Gründung des Ökologischen Versuchsgutes Mythopia, Wallis, Schweiz

2003 — 2008

Verschiedene Lehrtätigkeiten für Religionswissenschaften, Phiosophie, deutsche Literatur an Universität Bern, Schweiz; Goethe-Institut Brüssel, Belgien; College de St. Maurice, Schweiz

1997 — 2008

Publizist und Übersetzer in Brüssel, Berlin, Provence, Wallis