3702615: Theory of Architecture 2

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Semester:SS 14
Art:Vorlesung / Übung
Lektionen / Semester:24.0 L / 18.0 h
Selbststudium:27.0 h



Masterstudium Architektur (01.09.2008)


This Summer Semester is dedicated to the analysis of the role of the Books for the definition of an architectural attitude and praxis. The books as tools between theory, praxis and communication of architecture. What architecture can be communicated by a book, and what not? Why? The course will analyse and inquiry the architecture of the different printed mediums:

  • Treatises
  • Architects’ thematic Books
  • Monographs on architects and architectures
  • Architectural Reviews


THE ARCHITECTURE OF THE BOOKS. The lecture course will investigate the complex relations between Books and Rooms, between Words and Walls, between written and built Volumes. What is a book on architecture? What is a book for an architect? What is the Architecture of a Book? The aim of the course is to foster the students' understanding that architecture always results from a complex exchange between thoughts, possibilities, personal positions and collective meanings. The course will encourage students to actively investigate the specificities of different moments, positions and tools as necessary components for a conscious architectural attitude.


At the end of the course each student should improve his personal ability to:

  • Recognize the continuities and discontinuities between Ideas and their constructions
  • Analyse, compare and relate each project as final result of a complex and rich process
  • Infer analogies and specificities of different media
  • Communicate and express complex ideas and intentions comprehensibly in written forms.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work with other students for assignments, readings and protocols.


Lecture, seminar.

Voraussetzungen (inhaltlich)

  • Admission requirements for the Master of Science in Architecture Degree Program


  • List of readings provided by the lecturer


  • Texts readings, presentations and discussion
  • A ten-pages graduate level term paper inquiring the relation between an Architect, one of his written works and one of his architectural realizations
  • Active participation to the lectures and discussions


The course has to be passed with a sufficient grade (minimum grade of 4.0).
The module grade will be determined from the weighted average of the single course grades.


18.02.201408:30 - 11:45H4
25.02.201408:30 - 11:45H4
11.03.201408:30 - 11:45H4
25.03.201408:30 - 11:45H4
01.04.201408:30 - 11:45H4
30.04.201408:30 - 11:45H4


  • PAR_MA Theory of Architecture 2 (SS 14, bewertet)