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Semester:SS 14
Lektionen / Semester:30.0 L / 22.5 h
Selbststudium:37.5 h



Bachelorstudiengang Betriebswirtschaftslehre (01.10.2008)
Bachelorstudiengang Betriebswirtschaftslehre (01.09.2012)


Banking and financial intermediation

  • Financial markets and institutions
  • Overview of the financial system
  • Why do financial institutions exist?
  • Management of financial institutions

Fundamentals of investing
  • The investment environment
  • Return and risk
  • Modern portfolio concepts
  • Common stocks, fixed income and other asset classes

The wealth management process
  • Key elements of the wealth management process
  • Client goals and constraints


    • Know the relevance of efficient financial markets and financial intermediaries for economic welfare.
    • Understand models that address the role of direct and indirect finance and their implications for economic welfare.
    • Are aware of the characteristics of direct and indirect finance.
    • Understand the structure of the banking industry and fundamentals of bank management.
    • Know and analyse characteristics of different financial asset classes.
    • Understand the relationship between risk and return of financial assets.
    • Know relevant concepts of asset allocation and modern portfolio theory.
    • Gain basic knowledge about the role of wealth management and private banking in comparison to the traditional banking business.
    • Characterize and define the private wealth management process.
    • Are aware of typical goals, constraints and other characteristics of clients in the private banking business.
    • Assess clients' ability to take risk and compare it with their willingness to take risk.
    • Combine concepts of financial intermediation and investment theory in a comprehensive wealth management process.
    • Are aware of sources of information regarding financial markets, financial institutions, financial assets as well as clients.
    • Understand the implementation of financial models for analysing financial markets, institutions and clients.
    • Apply fundamental concepts such as investment and portfolio theory in a complex wealth management process.
    • Review a portfolio or asset allocation particularly with regard to the risk/return characteristics of the underlying assets and the goals/constraints of customers.
    • Develop abilities to analyse the needs and constraints of clients in the private banking business and assess the suitability of different products.
    • Interpret arguments and facts during presentations of the lecturer and fellow students and react with critical questions.
    • Improve communication skills by debating their point of view in discussions during the lecture.
    • Develop enthusiasm and the willingness to learn new things independently.
    • Develop a critical and evaluative mind regarding developments in banking and financial markets


Lecture with interactive elements, self-study and reading assignments


Selected chapters from

  • Mishkin/Eakins: Financial Markets and Instituitions, 7th global edition, Pearson, 2012
  • Gitman/Joehnk/Smart: Fundamentals of Investing, 11th international edition, Pearson, 2011
  • Evensky/Horan/Robinson: The New Wealth Management, Wiley, 2011


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