5306695: C12_Technology and Innovation Management

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Semester:SS 22
Lektionen / Semester:45.0 L / 34.0 h
Selbststudium:56.0 h



Bachelorstudiengang Betriebswirtschaftslehre (01.09.2012)


The lecture aims at understanding technology and innovation management in companies, answering questions such as the core of innovation and how it can be promoted or the connection between strategy and innovation.
Topics covered are:
- Strategic management of technology-based firms
- Technology development and innovation
- Classic and open innovation process
- Collaborative innovation
- Intellectual property
- Creativity and innovation
- Organizing research and development
- Ideation
- Financing technology-based projects
- Experimentation and prototyping
- Success and success measures of innovation


  • At the end of the module, the students are able to describe the meaning of technology and innovation management. They can define the functions, characteristics and goals of technological innovation management. They have the ability to explain the importance of technological innovation management especially for the industry sector. They are able to evaluate business strategies, particularly with regard to drawbacks and opportunities for innovations. The students remember the opportunities for the organization of innovation, understand the innovation process and are able to analyze innovation processes for simple examples out of industry. The students have the ability to explain the potential for conflicts within the innovation process. They are able to analyze information and can estimate its importance for industry.
  • The students gain appropriate skills for discussing and arguing in the economic life.


Interactive lecture with discussions, exercises and case studies


  • written examination


22.02.202209:00 - 12:30H7 (Fabrikweg)
08.03.202209:00 - 12:30H7 (Fabrikweg)
22.03.202209:00 - 12:30H7 (Fabrikweg)
29.03.202209:00 - 12:30H7 (Fabrikweg)
05.04.202209:00 - 17:00H7 (Fabrikweg)
26.04.202209:00 - 17:00H7 (Fabrikweg)
03.05.202209:00 - 12:30H7 (Fabrikweg)
10.05.202209:00 - 12:30H7 (Fabrikweg)
24.05.202209:00 - 12:30H7 (Fabrikweg)


  • PWW-BA-12_Technology & Innovation Management - VO (SS 22, bestätigt)
  • PWW-BA-12_Technology & Innovation Management - VO (WS 22/23, bestätigt)