3705149: International Conference Participation and Paper Presentation

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Semester:SS 14
Lektionen / Semester:20.0 L / 15.0 h
Selbststudium:135.0 h



Doktoratsstudium Architektur und Raumentwicklung (01.09.2010)


The main objective is to provide opportunities of engagement at a high level of research development, and of networking at international conferences. The focus is on presenting and arguing the PhD candidates' research in a competitive and international scientific environment. Paper submissions are to be vetted through an expert academic committee. This module is to develop the communicative competence of candidates. Students participating in this module will find themselves in an internationally acknowledged conference in architecture and planning suitable to their area of focus. They will receive critical comments and feedback on their research project by experienced faculty members, conference delegates and other student participants.


The primary objective of the conference participation and paper presentation is to present, argue and advance the candidates' doctoral research in an international, scientifically relevant conference.


Successful participation will strengthen students' understanding of competitive scientific discourse, documentation and career development through conference participation and publishing.



Preparation of paper and presentation


The students will be assessed in this module through:

  • competitive paper review process
  • line of argument and discourse
  • formal presentation aspects
  • research paper presentation
  • event report and evaluation
  • quality of proceedings publication


Module availability:
In coordination with supervisor: upon application and successful submission of a paper at an international conference relevant to the focus of the candidates' dissertation, in architectural design theory; low-carbon building technology and building integrated sustainability systems; or sustainable spatial development, urban and regional planning and design, or an approved related field.