Module SS 2021

Short description
The course provides an introduction to cyber security and covers selected issues related to computer and information security.

  • Security goals and design principles
  • Economic aspects of security and risk analysis
  • Basics of cryptography
  • Authentication and access control
  • Security mechanisms of common operating systems
  • Key instruments of network security
  • Key instruments of web security
  • Software security, vulnerabilities, and attacks
  • Security management and standards
Short description
In their Master’s thesis, students use scientific methods and work in accordance with standards of scientific writing. The Master’s thesis is typically related to the major (BPM or Data Science) chosen by the student.
Short description
The course focuses on developing research proposals in the field of data science.

  • Conducting literature reviews
  • Developing research questions
  • Designing qualitative, quantitative, and design oriented research
  • Writing research proposals
  • Ethical issues in data science