4208157: C15 Decision Theory

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Semester:WS 16/17
Lektionen / Semester:26.0 L / 22.5 h
Selbststudium:67.5 h



Masterstudium Information Systems (01.09.2015)



Short description
The course focuses on judgment and decision-making, with emphasis on how decisions deviate from rational and/or ethical standards, with applications in human-computer interaction.


  • Introduction to decision making under certainty and risk
  • Measuring and modeling individual risk preferences
  • Heuristics in decision-making
  • Biases in decision making
  • Emotions in decision making
  • Designing decisions on websites

Learning objectives
  • Students will know how decisions can be influenced by various human biases and how to improve individual decisions.
  • Students will know basic methods of decision making in order to overcome human biases.
  • Students will use methods of decision-making in order to improve business decisions in organizations.

  • The module integrates theoretical knowledge and practical skills in an interactive lecture.
  • The e-learning platform Moodle will be used throughout the course for the dissemination of course material and discussions.

Entry requirements
  • none

Compulsory reading
  • Hastie, R. & Dawes R. M. (2010). Rational Choice in an Uncertain World. Sage: London.

Further reading
  • Baron, J. (2008). Thinking and Deciding. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge.
  • Bazerman, M. H. & Moore, D. A. (2013). Judgment in Managerial Decision Making. John Wiley & Sons, Inc: New York.
  • Hammond, J. S., Keeney, R. L., & Raiffa, H. (1999). Smart Choices. A Practical Guide to Making Better Decisions. Havard Business Review Press: Harvard.
  • Johnson, J. (2014). Designing with the Mind in Mind. Elsevier: Burlington.
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