3504080: Human Resources and Relations Management

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Semester:SS 13
Lektionen / Semester:40.0 L / 30.0 h
Selbststudium:120.0 h



Masterstudium IT and Business Process Management (01.10.2008)


  • Communication and Cooperation
  • Motivation and Rewarding
  • Coordination and Decision Taking
  • Competence Management and Delegation
  • Communication and Conflict Management


Additional Information for summer term 2013
The Module Human Resources and Relations Management is a team oriented, practical workshop. The participants learn and apply theories and methodologies in a case study of a virtual company that they create and run. The workshop confronts them with an unknown environment outside the University that is very different than a classic classroom approach. This workshop will get them out of their personal "comfort zones" without overstressing them. The situation causes the students to constantly re-evaluate their roles within the team, their interactions with each other and their measures they apply to accomplish the goals.

The participants will constantly be evaluated throughout this workshop by peer-review, performance review and the degree to which they have achieved their objectives.


The concept of the workshop is to create a simulation of real business situations. Because there does not exist any absolute formula for success the students are empowered and encouraged to find their own solutions. The lecturers in this module offer active guidance and feedback during this process. The students are also given time to reflect upon their experiences as the workshop progresses by writing a personal "Leadership Diary".

In order to prepare the students for their future professional careers "Project and Process Management" will be applied as powerful Management Tools.

The 3 day workshop will serve as a case study in which the students participate. After there is a reflection phase during which literature review and research will be applied to their experiences. Finally participants have to document their key findings and lessons learned in a written seminar work and prepare a presentation to transfer this new knowledge to their fellow students


Voraussetzungen (inhaltlich)

* Attendance mandatory


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Selected Articles and Books

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  • Herzberg, F. and Mausner, B. and Bloch Snyderman, B. (1993). The Motivation to Work (10th Edition). Transaction Publishers.

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  • Maslow, A. (1943). A Theory Of Human Motivation in Psychological Review 50 (4) pp. 370-96.


Teaching material will be provided according to the requirements of the actual case study.


The workshop in March will take place in a Hotel in Davos. For accommodation and food a participation fee of CHF 199 will be required. This fee must be paid at the secretarial office of the Institute of Information Systems before March 1th. The transport to and from Davos has to be organized and paid for by the students. After closing the workshop on March students have the possibility to extend their stay on their own cost.

In the first session the lecturers Dr. Ed Weiss and Hagen Poehnert will introduce the module to the students and give further specific information and first instructions.


21.02.201317:00 - 18:00H6 (Fabrikweg)
07.03.201309:00 - 20:00Extern
08.03.201309:00 - 20:00Extern
09.03.201309:00 - 15:00Extern
08.06.201309:00 - 15:00H6 (Fabrikweg)