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Fact sheet
The fact sheet provides an overview of the most important information about the Doctoral degree programme in Architecture and Planning.

Academic degree Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture and Planning (PhD)
Doktor der Wissenschaft (Dr. sc.)
Programme start at the beginning of each semester (September or February)
Duration 3 to 5 years
Time of presence The courses of each module will largely be organized as block seminars.
Credits Preparation phase: 20 ECTS
Dissertation phase: 10 ECTS
Language German and English
Admissions per year The number of university places is limited. The admission is subject to availability of university places.
Admission requirements The doctoral degree programme leads to the world of research. Research means asking questions to which satisfying answers have not yet been found. With a relevant consecutive Master’s or comparable diploma degree from a PhD awarding university, you have satisfied the necessary prerequisites. Additionally, very good academic performance in your first and second degrees consisting of 300 ECTS credits or comparable academic performance are required as well as excellent English language competences (C1) in order to qualify. For details see:  Application
Application and admission procedure If you plan an application it is absolutely necessary to contact the student counsellor. Further more and most important are personal meetings with your proposed supervisor to evaluate possibilities. You have to submit an exposé with a detailed description of your proposed research activities. Also the consent of a professor (doctoral supervisor) of the University of Liechtenstein is required. For this reason, the application requires an attestation of the proposed supervisor.

The preparation process takes several months.

Further information about the application and admission procedure: " Application " (e.g. counselling, forms, guideline).

Appliaction deadline 31 May (start winter semester) 
31 October (start summer semester)
Tuition fees CHF 850.- per semester
Study and career It is an essential part of the education that doctoral students are fully integrated members of the university’s research community. Therefore, the execution of the dissertation outside the university is not usually permissible. Only rare exceptions are granted in specific circumstances, requiring the agreement of both supervisor and Doctoral Commission. A minimum physical presence of one month each year is mandatory in these exceptions.

If professional work is undertaken outside the university, it is essential to complete the degree programme and research work within the time frame provided. This requires that the workload at any source of employment be carefully managed. Research contents and professional work have to be in the same subject area.
Living in Liechtenstein see " Studying in Liechtenstein "
Academic Director Prof. DI MAAS Peter Droege
Study counselling Esther Kind - Study Administration