3403673: Business Process Analysis - Lecture

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Semester:WS 12/13
Lektionen / Semester:93.0 L / 70.0 h
Selbststudium:140.2 h



Masterstudium IT and Business Process Management (01.10.2008)


Please note: The first three days of the course will be an off-site event with overnight stay. You will have to pay the cost for the overnight stay in advance at the institute's administration office.

Further information will be sent to you by Dr. Ed Weiss

The kick-off for the off-site event takes place at Thursday, 14.00

  • Introduction to business process analysis
  • Business process modeling
  • Tools and simulations
  • Process architectures and reference models
  • Process design and re-design
  • Process flow analysis


Students know, understand, and apply the central concepts and methods of business process analysis (BPA) and understand the role of BPA in the context of business process management (BPM). Specifically:

  • Students are able to identify the relevance of BPA in different contexts and to delineate the concept of BPA from other approaches, for instance, requirements engineering.

  • Students explain the notion of a business processes.

  • Students know and apply prominent business process modeling grammars.

  • Students design and redesign business processes.

  • Students simulate business processes.

  • Students analyze process flows and identify process improvements.



Interactive lecture


Recommended Readings:

  • Davenport, T. H. (1993). Process Innovation. Reengineering Work through Information Technology. Boston, MA. Chapter 1-8.

  • Scheer, A.-W. (2000). ARIS - Business Process Modeling (3. Aufl.). Springer, S. 21-116.

  • Kelton, W.D., Sadowski, R.P., & Swets, N.B. (2010). Simulation with Arena. McGraw-Hill, Boston et al.

  • Hammer, M. & Champy, J. (1993). Reengineering the Corporation. A Manifesto for Business Revolution. New York.

  • Spanyi, A. (2006). More for Less: The Power of Process Management, Meghan Kiffer, 2006.

Further literature will be provided throughout the lecture.


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06.09.201217:00 - 18:00S3
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08.09.201209:00 - 13:00Extern
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28.09.201209:00 - 18:00S8
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12.10.201213:00 - 18:00H3
22.11.201209:00 - 16:45S1
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24.11.201209:00 - 16:45H3
20.12.201209:00 - 13:00AU