Module SS 2021

> Review of Portfolio Theory and Asset Pricing
> Extensions of the CAPM
> Empirical confirmation/rejection of the CAPM
> Stock Market Anomalies
> Multi-Factor Models
> Investment Strategies
> Performance Evaluation
> Portfolio Execution, Monitoring, Rebalancing and Costs
Financial Risk Management:
  • Identifying, Measuring, and Management of Financial Risks
  • Risk Categories and Associated Models: Market, Credit, Operational and Liqudity Risks
  • Rating Agencies and Credit Ratings
  • Derivatives Markets and Instruments: Forwards, Futures, Options, Swaps, Exotics, Credit Derivatives
  • Pricing of Equity, Fixed Income, Currency, Commodity, and Credit Derivatives
  • Hedging Using Derivatives
  • Financial Engineering
Liechtenstein Foundation Law:
  • general information and basic principles
  • liability
  • formation
  • entrepreneurial responsibility
  • asset protection
  • philanthropy

Liechtenstein Trust Law:
  • historical background and basic principles
  • Hague Convention
  • formation
  • dualism of ownership
  • business enterprises
  • asset protection
  • philanthropy
  • International and Intertemporal Tax Management for Natural Persons: Goals and Instruments
  • National, International and European Taxation of Asset Structures: Development, Investment and Succession of Assets.
  • National, International and European Taxation of Financial Instruments: Development, Investment and Succession of Assets.
Master students have the opportunity to take part in educational journeys to the world’s most important financial centres. Taking place annually, the educational journey adds a practical perspective to the academic content of the programme.

Destinations of previous journeys include: New York (2005), Shanghai (2007), Hong Kong (2009), Singapore & Kuala Lumpur (2011), New York and Chicago (2013) , Beijing and Shanghai (2015) and Singapore (2017).
Extracurriculare Activities comprise of various activities that are not linked to the Curriculum of the MSc in Banking and Financial Management, which are optional and further support the studying of the Master programme.