Research - Cultural Identities

The research topic CULTURAL IDENTITIES is linked to all the studios and thus accessible to everyone.

The research project team of this semester consists of René Caamaño Parada, Ilse Gabriela Martínez González ‎and Anna Jaimes Camargo. It is under the guidance of Alberto Alessi and Rodrigo Alba Krasovsky and deals with Cultural Identities, which is the overall guiding topic of all the winter semester 2016/17 project studios, both in bachelor and master study programmes.
The answers to the following questions are being sought:
1. What parameters help define a (spatial) cultural identity? How are cultural identities influencing architecture and urban design (in our particular geographic context)?
2. How can the theme “cultural identities” be exhibited including the output of various studios at the Institute?
The work started with collecting different definitions, anthologies, keywords, quotes and case studies of either culture, identity or both – cultural identities, always related to various scientific fields such as anthropology, communication, economy, history, geography, ... and of course architecture, which is the leading point of view. The outcome of this research will be a scientific book and detailed architectural drawings for the exhibition to be built in summer semester 2017 with a possibility to be reinterpreted in other upcoming semesters.
The research topic is linked to all the studios and thus accessible to everyone through the dedicated website created by the research team. It aims not just to share information, but also to give a possibility to comment, discuss, find unexpected links, bring new ideas and open new points of view on cultural identities.