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Congress chair and content:  
Professor Peter Droege 
University of Liechtenstein

Kirsten Steinhofer

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How to find us
Green Summit 2014
Our open  twin symposium is dedicated to two purposes:  "Region of the Future", a forum open for the broad public about sustainable spatial development and "Business of Today", a networking event for enterprises, users, investors, media and all other people interested in sustainable products and services. 

On the evening of 6 June the winners of this year’s Zurich Climate Prize will be introduced, and the new call for submissions announced.

 6 June 2014 Region of the Future 
   Evening Program: Zurich Climate Prize
 7 June 2014  Business of Today
Excursion: uniGo - campus tour
In the course of the Liechtenstein Congress the participants were offered to join in one of 5 excursions to best-practice sustainability projects in the region. One of them was a guided tour over the campus of the University of Liechtenstein with the uniGO-Team. mehr...
Liechtenstein Congress provides fresh impetus
The 4th Liechtenstein Congress came to a hugely successful conclusion at the University of Liechtenstein last Friday. More than 200 visitors from all across Europe attended the event’s lectures and discussions in order to inform themselves about the future of sustainable planning. mehr...
Day 2: an appeal for an energy transition
On its 2nd day, under the heading of “Energy transition today”, the 4th Liechtenstein Congress focused on the infrastructure of the future: autonomous energy systems for the region, energy-saving methods, as well as discussions regarding the value chain which could be created from a sustainable approach to the country, municipalities and region. mehr...
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